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LEOT is a UK registered charity our full name is

Lao Educational Opportunities Trust
Registered Number 1115944

We have five trustees all are volunteers and spend significant time working on our projects at home and in Luang Prabang.

Jeannette Tyler (Australia)

Jeannette is our School Director and has run the LEOT School since 2015. She is a very experienced teacher and school administrator. We were so lucky when she found the school almost by accident and decided to help us as a volunteer. Today Jeannette spends nearly ten months of the year living in Laos and all of her time running and loving our school.
We were delighted in January 2016 when she accepted our invitation to join the Board of Trustees.

Nick Hubbard (UK)

Nick is an IT consultant and first visited Laos as a tourist. He is a long term sponsor of student further education. He recently purchased land in Laos to build a home. Nick is working hard to speak Lao. He became a Trustee in 2013.
Today Nick wears several hats. He is our treasurer and creator of our information database for all student records. He also manages our IT network. Nick is a frequent visitor to Laos and loves to support our computer and conversation classes.

David Allan (New Zealand)

David joined LEOT as a volunteer in 2013 and was already a sponsor of student education.
Since 2013 he has given us great assistance in working with Nick to develop the IT network, producing videos and working in conversation groups. Following the gift of computers from the World Bank, David has developed a computer studies programme for all our students. He also developed the LEOT web site.
David also agreed to join our Board of Trustees in January 2016.

Peter Banwell (UK)

Peter is a retired businessman and first visited Laos in 2008 as a tourist. On his return home he contacted LEOT and became a supporter. He was appointed as a trustee in 2009. Today Peter is the chair of the charity and his main role is to liaise with government departments, to manage the scholarship programme and to develop the community programmes. Peter spends over five months of the year in Laos working at the school and is active in the UK promoting the charity and fund raising.

Claire Banwell Spencer (UK)

Claire is a dual trained lawyer in the UK. She first visited Laos in 2011 when she acted for LEOT on the negotiations to purchase the land and the contract to build the school. She became a trustee in 2011 and visits regularly when her job permits. Claire is currently working on our long term funding model for economic long term sustainability.

Our Founders

Alan Shiel and Chris Hillman

It was due to the hard work of Alan and Chris that LEOT was founded. They worked tirelessly to establish LEOT with the goal of helping as many disadvantaged students as possible with the gift of education. They set the ball rolling and had the vision and energy to start and run the LEOT School. The LEOT students and team send them our special thanks.