LEOT and World Bank help Souphanouvong University


Sharing a computer

Today was a very special day when LEOT and the Souphanouvong University Faculty of Education joined together to support the education of Laos students with a gift of computers to be used in the Faculty of Education

Thanks to the University

Thanks to the generosity of The World Bank in Vientiane, LEOT received a large gift of computer processing units and computer notebook computers. LEOT added monitors, key boards and mice to complete the package. The gift has been split. Half of the computers have made a wonderful computer network at the LEOT School and now every student has a weekly lesson. The second half of the gift will now be used in the Faculty of Education to assist the education of University students.


LEOT receives a Certificate of Appreciation.

We receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

Further education is a very important element in the development of Laos. The shortage of computer equipment for in Universities remains a major hurdle for development.

This project demonstrates the value of working together to achieve a common goal.

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  1. Bounpheng SAVANSACK


    Thank goodness for LEOT and World Bank that both of you know and understand the importance of young Lao and give them chance.
    Thank goodness again LEOT and World Bank you’re saint person.

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