Lighting Up Namphak School

ns_collageIt’s just a few months since School Director Jeannette and Trustee Peter were invited to join Lao organisation ‘Education and Sharing’ to help deliver books, pencils and bags to a village school an hour south of Luang Prabang. It was a great afternoon with lots of fun and games for the children and an important delivery of goodies for school work.

ns_gift300During the afternoon we were surprised that the school had no electricity and that the school buildings, although only eight years old, were in need of repainting. It did not take us long to figure out that we could really make a difference if only we could raise the money. We did a costing and found that the materials for the project would cost about £2000. We contacted the head teacher with a plan. LEOT would paint the school and supply all the electrical equipment and Namphak village would provide the labour to install the lights and fans.

We soon set about fundraising and were delighted to raise the funds from supporters. So it was very early on a Saturday morning at the end of February that a team of painters (students and staff from our school) set off to Namphak school.

ns_stilt_raceWe received a great welcome and children performed a marching display and amazing stilt race. We were delighted to find that the village had completed the installation of the lights and that the walls and furniture had been cleared for painting.

ns_gamesOur team of painters set about their job with vigour as it was decided that we should paint the school both inside and out. The walls were brushed to remove old dirt, bamboo poles made to reach the high corners with our rollers and the remainder of the team painted with brushes to do all the difficult to reach corners and edges.

By the evening we had done a major part of the work and we enjoyed a meal with the local villagers followed by a film show of Tom and Jerry for the children and a musical evening organised by our friend Max from the Music For Everyone School. It was a night of fun and laughter and it was late before we retired to sleep on the school floor.

ns_mural_300The team got up at dawn and after washing and having a quick breakfast were soon back to painting. Work progressed so well we were able to extend our work to paint a mural for the very young children.

We still had more gifts to hand out with a large supply of jumpers from the ladies of Heath and Reach Women’s Institute.

It was in the early afternoon we completed our task and made our tired but happy way home.


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