Bounchanh helping teachers in Vientiane

One of LEOT’s experienced teachers, Bounchanh Sengdala, spent a week down in Vientiane from 20th May, helping to train some less experienced Lao teachers at 2 small English centres there.

These part-time teachers work or study during the day and come and help to teach young Lao students, eager to learn English, in the evenings after their school day.

He shared his love and passion of teaching English with these other young teachers in Vientiane. Bounchanh has been an English teacher at LEOT for 3 years and works hard at his job and is always looking at how he can be a better teacher himself. He is the perfect person to go and share his knowledge and teaching skills and to inspire others to become better teachers. In the classroom, he likes his students to have fun and is always willing to try new ideas and incorporate small group activities that encourage students to speak to each other and put their knowledge of English into practice.

Bounchanh said on his return ………

“It was a very interesting journey to Vientiane. I was very happy to share my ideas with the teachers and I also learnt new things from them. The teachers were keen to learn some new skills and they were quite friendly. I hope that one of the teachers from Vientiane will be able to come and visit us at LEOT next year.”


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