I am a Bee

Hello, I am a beautiful yellow bee. I was born and grew-up in the jungle. I live on a branch of a very big tree in the forest. My hive has many hundred thousands of bees living together.

I am a small yellow bee. I have beautiful thin wings, small eyes, and a beak mouth for sucking things that I want. I have a special pin in my bottom that other insects, animals or humans do not know about. I use my pin to sting. I can fly very fast.  I eat different kinds of insects, pollen flowers and sometimes I suck some sweets that humans are selling on the streets. I never steal food that other animals have eaten or have left on the ground. I collect pollen and take the pollen from flowers to other flowers to make honey. I usually go and collect food in the day time.

I am very happy being a beautiful yellow bee because I have freedom living in the forest. I am a lucky bee as I live higher than humans and no animals can destroy my hive. I like my life very much but I don’t like some humans cutting down the big trees and burning the forest that makes smoke. It gets in my nose. However I can make honey for humans to eat and sell to other countries. There are some bad humans who come and try to destroy my hive.

You know what part of a humans’ body I like to sting? I used to sting their eyes. Sometimes I sting them until they go far away from my hive. I am not a bad bee but I cannot stand what humans do to my hive. One day I left my hive and made a new hive with my family of bees on a big tree in the mountains, so my life is fresh and relaxing forever.

Written by: Ajan Phet

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