Imagine you are an animal

If I could convert, I would be a fish, because it is independent and so I could go everywhere that I wanted to go.
A fish is an honest, stable and optimistic animal.

What makes me want to be a fish? It is because of its optimism and it is not sorrowful and does not worry. My life would be better then.

Whether it is people or animals, both can have a comfortable or difficult life as well, like I’m telling you. The advantages of being a fish is that we can go anywhere under the water. Eating is easy. We can eat plants, but the disadvantage is we are afraid of fishermen who want to catch us. When people dump garbage into the river, the source of water is contaminated and this can cause harm to animals in the water.

If I were a fish, I would swim all over the oceans, go everywhere – to the bottom of the sea and the ocean. What will I find there? I will find answers to this question because I want to research about it for a long time.

I will eat the vegetation under the water and I would like to live in a river, surrounded by trees. There are a lot of animals that live together in safe places away from bigger animals, wild animals and people, because at the moment, the fishermen also want to catch expensive fish to get a lot of money. Until now, no matter whether the animals live on land or in the water, some are nearly extinct and some species are extinct already.

When I am a fish, the people who will take care of me, can be my mother and my family. However, if possible, I will take care of myself and take care of them as well, because they have cared for me since childhood. Once I can help myself, I should do it to reduce their burden.

I would be very happy if everything was as I hoped and dreamed – spending time with the family, happy together. We could all swim together everywhere with no need to spend money. We could float on our own. Unlike today’s society where everyone needs money. If we do not buy, then we do not eat. Everything is expensive.

In the past we could change, but now it is not so easy. For this reason, today everyone is looking for money. We do not have time for the people we love and there is a distance between family members. So it will be good if I can be a fish and go anywhere I want to go.
I would just use my own strength and would not trouble anyone.

Miss Souk Sa Kone, Elementary 3, LEOT School

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