Story Telling Workshop at LEOT with Garavek

In our last term around 20 students took part with Mr. Siphai, from the Garavek Theatre in Luang Prabang. Mr Siphai came and shared his passion for telling traditional Lao folk stories and gave some ideas on how to tell stories to other people. The students then broke into groups and had about 15 minutes to come up with a story, amazingly everyone was able to complete this task and enjoyed the experience.

From this workshop, those who were interested, met every couple of weeks to form a storytelling group and practice a story to tell other classmates. This culminated in presentations on 17th May, with 2 students giving a well-rehearsed story in the morning. Then in the evening, 5 more stories were shared with the 4.45pm classes. The performances took place in Room 2 with our beautiful mural acting as a backdrop and setting for the stories told.

The students taking part really enjoyed their storytelling experience and were interested in being involved again next year and learning more stories through the art of storytelling.

Thanks to Mr. Siphai and Garavek Theatre.

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