Why is Ai Her, a LEOT student, worrying about the environment?


Why do I wish that everyone should worry and take care of our environment?
Because it is very, very vital for our lives!
I want you to remember that we can’t live on this Mother Earth without our environment.

Do you see? Where there is an interesting healthy environment, there are many things living in it.

Do you have any idea why there are not any living things on the other 7 empty planets, even though they are larger than Mother Earth? It is because there is no environment there to protect or take care of them. So all of us must live here on Mother Earth, even though it is smaller. So when we know that the environment is very vital to us, everyone should be grateful and stop destroying it, otherwise we will all die.

If we compare the weather and climate in Laos now with what it was like ten years ago, then we will see that they are very different. For years in Laos, it used to rain from May to August. It rained a lot, both day and night during that time. The farmers used to plant many crops at this time and they got high yields as they had planned to do.

Now, however, there is not so much rain during this time and sometimes it rains only from July to August. This means that the rainfall is not enough to irrigate the crops, or we can say that it comes too late for the crops and they die before the rain comes. If we don’t help to solve this problem, then it will continue to happen in the future. In some countries they have had large natural disasters. I think that if Lao people don’t try to solve this problem then there will be natural disasters here too.

So from now on, the Lao people must focus on solving these environmental problems. Those people who are helping to destroy our environment, must learn what will happen to our earth if they don’t start caring for the earth. Show them examples of natural disasters occurring in other parts of the world.

Tell people to follow the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The government should make new strict rules to control the people who are incessantly destroying our environment. The last important way is that I wish the government would stop building so many dams on our rivers because the dams are dangerous to our land. Laos is only a small country and yet we have many dams.

Mr Ai Her Elementary 3 class
Edited version

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