My life as a student in Chiang Mai

My name is Buddhist monk Sivone. I come from Laos, but now I am a second year student at Mahachulalongkorn University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are a number of things that have changed my life and knowledge as a student at the university. I usually get up quite early in the morning at 5:00 am for the chanting ceremony, and after I have finished all my business I then go to the university at 7:30 am. I arrive there around 8: 40 am. The reason I do this is because I have to leave my temple early because it is so far from the university.  I have to be at the university before 9: 00 am, therefore I have to try my best to get there on time, otherwise I will be punished if I come late, if I miss the classes more than 3 times, I think it is the way that everybody should do, including me. I really feel proud of myself when I can follow it.

When I was a first year student, I was extremely scared of studying at the university, because most of the subjects were very strange to me and I had never known and or seen them before because I thought to study the subjects which you have never seen and known before makes me feel enthusiastic to learn more. When I have free time or after I have finished studying on that day, I like spending my time alone and reading a book. Such as; I like books on Buddhism, management, inspiration, psychology and research books. I really like to read these types of books, they help me to change my life a lot as a student at the university. Previously, I dare not speak out, but now I dare to speak out and am able to share my ideas with other people.

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