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It is almost 10 years since LEOT granted its first life changing scholarship to students in Laos, enabling them to study at college or university.

We are very proud that over seventy have already completed their studies. Our graduates include a dentist, an environmentalist, and an air traffic controller, several in public service, civil engineering and accountancy. Importantly over half have qualified as teachers.

The gift of further education is exceptional for any student and especially amazing if you have come from a large family of subsistence farmers.

All our Scholarship Students are selected from pupils at the LEOT School. This means we grow to know them and are well placed to understand their potential.
Demand for help always outweighs our ability to help. This year we granted eleven scholarships and had to disappoint at least twenty others.

There are lots of ways you can help a disadvantaged student.

Please help if you can

  • Make a single donation
  • Make a regular donation
  • Form a group
  • Sponsor a student’s training
  • Sponsor a student for a year (Minimum £180, USD$260)
  • Sponsor a student’s complete study

To learn more or ask a question please send us an email.