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Hold a LEOT event

We have lots of ideas of how you can help us with events that are large or small.

  • Organise a LEOT Coffee Morning with friends
  • Have a sponsored Diet for LEOT
  • Have a week or month without alcohol and make a donation to LEOT instead
  • Hold a LEOT charity dinner party
  • In your club sell LEOT student designed greetings cards
  • Be the host for a LEOT speaker to come and tell you all about our School

Take part in an event for LEOT

  • Take part in a fun run for LEOT
  • Run a marathon
  • Climb a mountain
  • Make a bike ride

Raise Funds with Friends for LEOT

  • Sponsor a book for our library or classroom
  • Sponsor a bicycle for a LEOT student to ride to school
  • Sponsor a LEOT teacher for a month or longer
  • Sponsor a scholarship student
  • Sell student greeting cards

Become a LEOT Partner

We are proud to have a number of local and worldwide partners from a village WI to an American Foundation and the World Bank in Laos. To find out how you can help contact LEOT.