Computer Studies for all

LEOT has long dreamt of teaching computer studies to all students at the LEOT School in Luang Prabang. This dream is now a reality thanks to the assistance of two sponsors and two of our wonderful volunteers. The World Bank in Vientiane has given a gift of computers to build an IT network.

blog-computerstudiesRotary District 1260 from the United Kingdom has given us a grant to buy new teaching software.

Volunteer David from New Zealand has managed the project, developing the network, installing software and carrying out training. Volunteer Angus from Scotland developed the teaching programme and aids to allow teachers to introduce all our students to the world of computer studies. Lessons start in two weeks’ time.

It’s very exciting to be extending our curriculum to include a lesson on computing for every LEOT student. Few students have access to computers even at school. In our changing world it is a skill that will give them the opportunity to learn more quickly and importantly give them skills for employment.

Our course will give students the knowledge of how to use a computer safely as well as opening a new area of learning.


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