Flooding in Laos

Hauyman School has been

flooded and badly damaged!

Women clear the school of over half a metre of oozing mud

                                       Villagers clearing half a metre of mud

Heavy rains in Northern Laos have resulted in many essential rice fields being flooded and riverside homes destroyed. The village school in Hauman village an hours drive north of Luang Prabang has suffered more than most.  The small river behind the school became a raging torrent of water, mud and trees. The water rushed through the school demolishing the toilets and damaging one classroom. The water kept getting deeper and deeper until it was reaching the top of the schools doors. All of the villages rice fields were full of ripening rice the essential crop for village families. When the water receded it left tons of mud and wood and 28 fields partly or completely destroyed


                         School Toilets

LEOT is raising money to help them.

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