“Omotenashi” Schools Project 2021

In celebration of the Tokyo Olympics the “Omotenashi” Schools Project 2021 was launched.

The word Omotenashi (pronounced: ohmo-te-nashe) means ‘Warm Hospitality’. It is the random act of showing behaviour that is respectful and considerate of others regardless of what generation a person might be from. It is Japan’s special brand of genuine kindness. Omotenashi is performed without expectation of anything in return. In other words being sincere while doing something nice for others.

LEOT School in Luang Prabang interpreted their idea of the Omotenashi culture as seen in their worlds.

The above design has been created by Sia Yang. ” Every morning I help them with breakfast, my parents are kind to me.”

“The villagers are showing kindness everywhere.”

Next we have designs from Bounma Vang, Ms Padee Yang, and Mr Vila Phone.

A drawing by Mr Par Der.

Special thanks to Jeannette Tyler, School Director and to all the students who participated.

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