My name is Novice Sivone and I used to live in Laos

Novice Sivone in the centre

Here is a story from one of LEOT’s Scholarship students

My name is Monk Sivone Keovilaipunya. I am from Laos and I am 21 years old. At the moment, I am a student at Mahachulalongkorn University in Chiang Mai (Thailand). I have been staying in Chiang Mai for almost 2 years, so it means that I am studying at the second level or (a second year student). The faculty that I study in is the Faculty of Humanities, major in English, so everything must be in English such as discussing with each other in the class and lessons.

I was born in a lower caste family in the countryside where it is at a distance from the city. There are only five members in my family – father, mother, brother, me, and my younger sister. She is still studying in level three in the primary school at another village, but it is not so far from my hometown.

My hobbies and personal interests include reading. I can call myself “a reader” or a scholar, because I like reading a book and searching for different types of information very much. Moreover, I like reading history and somebody’s stories. My personal interests are playing football and watching movies. For instance I like cartoons, action, comedy and angel movies. Even though I am interested in these things, I seldom watch them and whenever I do have free time to watch them I always feel relieved and happy as the bird flying in the sky.

What am I planning to do after I graduate from the university? Honestly, I can say, that I have many different plans, such as I would like to be an English teacher, a flight attendant or any other position at the airport; a salesman in the office etc. I have so many plans because I want to do everything that I can to help myself, family and other people who still need some help.
More Importantly, I will do whatever work that makes me happy.

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